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I can’t tell you how much I love this concept of ‘the WILDCARD’ where Matt chooses one recipe each month from the Book Club cook book.  This is the third month we’ve been doing it, and he’s picked a good one this time!


Tlayudas, Oaxacan pizzas, are ‘wonderfully messy open pizzas, sold at night on the streets of Oaxaca’. Sounds delicious! Although the first line of the recipe tells me to ‘wash the spinach’. Dear god. I HATE spinach. He’s done this on purpose.


These pizzas are made using flatbreads as their base. I found these from Ocado, and although maybe a little smaller than I need, they look like the perfect size for lunch to me.


Once I assembled all of the ingredients, I noticed that I seemed to be missing spring onions! The photo shows the pizza topped with lovely charred spring onions, but they’re not listed in the ingredients, nor are they mentioned in the recipe. What a shame.

So onto the dreaded spinach. After being washed, it was wilted down in a pan with a little butter, before being dried and seasoned with salt, pepper and olive oil. I can’t stand how slimey it goes when cooked. Eww. (Am I selling this recipe to you? Stay with me, it gets better I promise).

You then take a flatbread, wet it a little, and place in a dry pan to crisp up a bit. You then turn it over and begin to add all of  the lovely fillings.

Guacamole goes on first, followed by grated mozzarella (not the hard stuff, but a grated mozzarella ball), grated pecorino, sliced cooked chicken, sun blush tomatoes (LOVE) , chopped herbs and rocket.


Once the cheese has melted a little, you fold the flatbread over. Not completely in half by the looks of it, but just enough for it to look like an open calzone pizza.

Thomasina suggests choosing from four different herbs in the ingredients: Basil, Chervil, Tarragon or Coriander. I put basil on the first one – didn’t like it. Too much of a contrast of flavours for me, or maybe it was just the thought of basil and guacamole together. Gave it to Matt.


I used coriander for the second pizza, and loved it!  Maybe it was just a more familiar combination of flavours, but I thought it really worked. The flatbread was lovely and crisp, and added some much needed texture to the otherwise very soft filling.  I served them with some fiery hot Chile de Arbol Salsa that I had left over from making Barbocoa a couple of weeks ago, and it was delicious!


Did I eat the spinach? Yes I did actually, and I didn’t mind it.  I can’t say I loved it, because I only ate it with the rest of the pizza filling.  I wouldn’t eat it on it’s own! Are you crazy?! But it’s a step forward I feel, as normally I’d take if off my pizza and not even give it a chance.  Some people have suggested I try it raw. I have some leftover, so today I just might!

So, that’s the end of June’s Book Club. Mexican Food Made Simple is a fabulous book, and I’ve really enjoyed giving it a go this month. I’ve discovered some new staple recipes including the absolutely beautiful Chipotles en Adobo – yum. And the stunning marinade for Chicken Adobado – simple, yet to die for!

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