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Wait, the sun’s out and it’s more than 16°c? Time for a barbeque!

So this is the third recipe from this month’s Book Club choice of Mexican Food Made Simple, and by now I had a fridge full of leftover salsas and chilli sauces from having made the Steak Burritos and the Barbocoa already. And so, a Mexican inspired BBQ seemed the obvious, and most enjoyable, way to use them all up!

The most interesting thing about this Smoky Stuffed Peppers recipe, is the combination of ingredients: potato and mango aren’t things I’d normally associate with each other.


It’s a miracle, but my ‘ripen at home’ mango from the supermarket had done just that, and was beautifully juicy.  Cut into chunks, it was cooked in a pan with cooked, cubed potatoes, shallots, garlic, goat’s cheese, chipotles, balsamic vinegar, oregano and white wine. The result was a thick, mushy, sweet mixture that I then spooned into open red pepper halves.



They cook in an oven for thirty minutes, and are then topped with a generous amount of grated pecorino and grilled for a further five minutes.


As an extra, I made some skewers of sliced chicken thighs that had been marinated using the recipe for Chicken Adobado, also in the book.  A mixture of onion, garlic, oranges, red wine vinegar, chiles de arbol, chipotle puree, coriander, soy sauce, oregano, sugar and Worcester sauce were simply blended to a smooth sauce and poured over the chicken. Really easy.



Once everything was cooked and brought together, we had a great little feast!  I bought some tortilla chips, and made another lot of the beautiful cabbage, radish and red onion salad that had accompanied the Barbocoa dish.


The filling in the peppers was amazing. Matt couldn’t quite place the flavours, but it’s easy to see why: your eyes are telling you that this sweet but savoury orange filling must be sweet potato, butternut squash or something similar.  We both loved the pecorino on top, which had crisped up and given the peppers some much needed contrast in texture.

The chicken. Oh my god. Absolutely delicious! I’d sliced the chicken thighs lengthways, and concertinaed them onto the skewers for maximum caramelised, blackened bits, and it had worked.


Every combination we tried was great. This brioche roll spread with goat’s cheese and then stuffed with chicken, cabbage salad and chipotle sauce was a dream.

This is how barbeques should be.  There’s nothing wrong with a good old sausage and burgers type of affair, but it’s fun to mix it up a bit, and this was pretty epic.

Next Week : Chorizo, Potato & Thyme Quesadillas

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