Wildcard | The Kitchen Diaries II

Nigel Slater introduces this recipe by saying how he ‘can’t imagine ever getting four oxtail-loving people around the table at the same time.’  Not exactly encouraging words.

Matt’s choice for this month’s WILDCARD is ‘A Casserole of Oxtail and Prunes’ from The Kitchen Diaries II.  Well ok, it was the end of September, and it’s now the start of December.  You’ll let me off though right? I  could start with a long list of reasons for why I’ve been seemingly neglecting my little blog, but I wont bore you. All you need to know is that this recipe, whether cooked in September, December or whenever, is one worth talking about. And eating. Continue reading

Glynn Purnell’s Friday Night Kitchen #GPFNK15

So it turns out that there’s more than one Trinity Road in Birmingham, and guess what? Villa Park isn’t in West Bromwich.  Our slight detour meant that were running ever so slightly late for Glynn Purnell’s Friday Night Kitchen, and that Matt would never again be tasked with finding directions.

A trustee of Cure Leukaemia, Michelin-Starred chef Glynn Purnell was hosting the event in aid of the charity, and promised it to be ‘a Friday night to remember’.  Well it certainly wasn’t going to be a quiet one, as he was being joined by Masterchef judge Gregg Wallace and celebrity chef Rustie Lee on stage for live cooking demonstrations. We were in for a funny night. Continue reading

Chicken, Leek & Parsley Pie | The Kitchen Diaries II

Summer seems reluctant to leave this year.  The days are bathed in warm sunshine, and green leaves are still clinging onto their branches.  It’s only when dusk comes, and the crisp, cold evening air settles in, that you are reminded that autumn is indeed upon us.

This week’s Book Club recipe is perfect for these colder nights.  The third recipe I’ve tried this month from Nigel Slater’s The Kitchen Diaries II, this pie is beautiful. A filling of chicken, leeks and parsley is topped with a gorgeous, golden crust of puff pastry.  Continue reading