May Favourites | 2015

I love discovering new foods. Almost as much as I enjoy this crazy British spring weather! The sun had better get a move on soon:  this pale, pasty skin of mine needs a good head start if a tan is ever going to happen this year.

So what have I been eating this month? LOADS. But here’s a list of my favourites:

1. Peter’s Yard Artisan Crispbread


These little sourdough crispbreads are just beautiful! I’m sorry to say that I found them in the reduced to clear section of Homesense – which is just an absolute insult to Peter’s Yard, because boy oh boy these are some seriously premium crackers.  Luckily, Waitrose have more sense and stock them as one of their regular lines.   I’m on my third box.

2. Taylor’s of Harrogate Green Tea & Sweet Mint


I tried green tea about 10 years ago, and vowed never to repeat the episode ever again.  That was until I spotted these. I love mint tea and I love peppermint & liquorice tea, so I hoped that these would be good. They are.  You don’t even need to add sugar, they’re so beautifully sweet all by themselves, and SO refreshing. Converted.

3. Arden & Amici Almond & Chocolate Chunk Biscotti


I’d seen this brand around, but had never tried them. To be honest I thought they were just a bit too pricey.  I mean, don’t get me wrong, I can spend a hell of a lot of money on food some months without even realising, but £2.50 for six pieces of biscotti? Ok, that doesn’t sound like that much now I’ve typed it, but when they’re nestled on the shelf next to a pack of 39p custard creams, they seem expensive.  So when Arden & Amici offered to send me a pack to try, for free, I thought ‘why not?’.  Oh my. These are good. Really good. They’re really quite sweet, and although delicious dunked in a cup of tea, they are obviously fabulous with a cup of coffee: the bitterness of the coffee pairs absolutely perfectly with the sweet biscotti.  Worth the money.

4. Funky Nut Co Peanut Butter


I’ve mentioned this before in my Top 10 Finds from the Farm Shop & Deli Show here,  but they deserve another shout out because quite simply, this peanut butter is THE BEST. EVER.  I’ve been eating my way through tubs of this stuff all month.  My favourite is the Spicy Salt & Pepper:  which includes a blend of black pepper, garlic, chilli, fennel, cumin, coriander and star anise. It’s SO good. Please try it, you seriously need this stuff in your life.

5. Tan Rosie’s Jerk Rub


I picked this up at the Foodies Festival last week: read here.  Now there’s jerk spice blends, and then there’s this. Wow. I followed the recipe included on the inside of the packet, and when we sat down to eat, my husband described it as fucking amazing. And they’re from Birmingham. Enough said.

6. Douwe Egberts Smooth Caramel Coffee


I signed up to this consumer research thing called BzzAgent a couple of months ago, where they will occasionally send you stuff to review.  This month they sent out jars of Douwe Egberts Flavour Collection: not tiny little sample sachets, but three whole jars of the stuff!  The instructions (yes, that’s right, I read instructions on how to make a cup of coffee, but bear with me) said it could be made one of two ways. Either with water and a drop of milk, which I tried and HATED, although that is usually how I’d make coffee, or ‘for something extra special’ simply stirred into hot milk, which was DELICIOUS! I was sent caramel and hazelnut. I liked the caramel, my mom preferred the hazelnut.

7. Kom Kom Miracle Zig Zag (Julienne Blade) Thai Multi Purpose Knife


Ok, I didn’t eat this. But I did love it. I bought it ages ago, and had never used it! Sound familiar?! But then this month I’ve been cooking from Rick Stein’s Far Eastern Odyssey read here,  and this little peeler has finally become very useful!  The wiggly blade slices vegetables into little julienne strips, and it’s so much fun shredding a mooli! Seriously.  It can’t be just me that gets excited about foodie gadgets. Tell me I’m not alone here. Anyone?

So there you have it. A month of delicious food.  Please let me know if you’ve tried anything I’ve mentioned and tell me what you thought, or if this blog post has inspired you to rush to the shops and buy everything on the list.  ha!

I was kindly sent the biscotti free of charge by Arden & Amici, and the Douwe Egberts coffee free of charge by being a BzzAgent.  I was not obliged to review either, or to say all of the lovely things that I have about them. All opinions are my own (or my mom’s!)



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