King Brown Sauce | Makers & Merchants

I love shopping in Homesense. I can lose whole hours  of my life just wandering the aisles of unique dinnerware sets and discounted wine glasses (the latter being the utmost importance as wine glasses never manage to make it more than two months in my house before my husband breaks them!).

My local Homesense at Merryhill in Dudley appeared to have had a recent makeover when I visited at the weekend, and the food section is now huge! I LOVE discovering new foods and brands, and although, yes, it is all a bit jumbled up and takes some time to shop, you really can find some gems.

A bottle of King Brown Sauce caught my eye: nice graphics, and who doesn’t like brown sauce?! I then read on the label that the company Makers & Merchants were based in the Custard Factory Birmingham, and well, it was sold!


The only way to eat brown sauce is on a bacon butty in my opinion, so that’s what I did. And it was delicious! I passed one to Matt, my husband, while I was still constructing (photographing!)  mine, and he shouted through to me “that sauce is GOOD!”. And it is. It’s fruity and well-rounded without the usual overwhelming vinegar hit. Mellow, but with a warm heat similar to an expensive aged whiskey. Yum.

Makers & Merchants website states that this particular product is made on the east coast of England.

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