June Favourites | 2015

You know when it’s been a good food month when you go to round up everything for your monthly favourites and discover that they’ve already been eaten!  Being as greedy as we are in our house, I’ll have to make a mental note to photograph things before we polish them off from now on!

What we devoured and loved this month:

1. Cornish Sea Salt


Close your eyes, eat some, and it’s as if you’re stood on the beach tasting the salty sea air. It came on our holiday to Cornwall with us, and I put it on EVERYTHING. It transformed these juicy, fat slices of tomato. Amazing stuff. So long table salt.


2. Qcumber with Mint


Yep, one of those things that didn’t stand a chance of being photographed, I’m afraid. We all loved this. Even Verity, who HATES both cucumber and fizzy drinks.  I say fizzy, but this was more ‘sparkling’.  This is SO refreshing. Stunning. If you’re looking for a new summer drink, try this one, you won’t be disappointed.


3. Moomaid Of Zennor Coconut Milk Sorbet


Perched on the top on a small granite staircase in St Ives, is the beautiful Moomaid of Zennor.  I’ve tried loads of their ever changing flavours over the past few years, but their Coconut Sorbet: WOW.  It was creamy, but refreshing and was just a pure hit of fresh coconut. Yum. And I managed to defend it from the circling seagulls above!


4. Halzephron Cornish Jewel Blackcurrant Jam


Another of my favourite foodie places in St Ives is the Halzephron Herb Farm Shop.  In the past I’ve gone home with jars of mayonnaise, spice blends, an amazing jar of Cherry & Brandy jam that I still think about now, it was that good.  But on this visit I discovered their Cornish Jewel Blackcurrant Jam and it’s AMAZING! I LOVE blackcurrant jam anyway, but this. Oh my. It’s FULL of blackcurrants. And you know how the fruit in jam can be a bit, erm, well bitty I suppose. Like you’ve got a mouthful of the skins. Am I being too graphic? sorry.  Well the currants in this are just chewy, and sweet and delicious – like they’ve been candied or something.  Anyway, as you can probably tell by now, I really like this jam.


5. British Strawberries


I wait in anticipation every year for the first, sweet, delicious crops of British Strawberries to roll in to the shops.  Not the earlier varieties like the nasty Elsanta (yuck), oh no. I’m talking about the delicious summer crops of Eve and Sweet Eve.  I can get through a tub a day in the summer, I love them that much.  While we were in Cornwall, we visted Trevaskis Farm to pick our own.  The poly tunnels were SO bloomin hot, it was unreal! But worth it, to have gathered these beauties.  Oh and that tub in the photo, overflowing with big fat, juicy raspberries – £1.70. Bargain.


6. Tesco Pink Slaw


Yes, it’s very overpriced for what you get, and no, it’s not from a little deli or farm shop. BUT, I have to include this as I have been really enjoying, and eating a lot of, this all month long. It’s almost fluorescent it’s so pink. A simple combo of white cabbage, red onion and carrot that has been lightly pickled, it’s just a joy to eat.

www.tesco.com (link to pink slaw)

7. The Fine Cheese Co Toast For Cheese


I found these in The Digey Food Room & Deli, again in St Ives. I was looking for nibbles to scoff that night with a glass of wine, and these were just the ticket! The box suggested eating them with Manchego cheese, which as luck would have it the deli also sold, so that’s what I did. They were really quite unusual: they were sweet, almost like the flavour of a brandy snap, but thicker with an open texture, studded with dried cherries and nuts.  Great on their own, but absolutely fabulous with the cheese.


8. Le Mesurier Garlic & Saffron Mayonnaise


The only photographic evidence of us even having owned this, is this photo of a barbeque we had one night on holiday.  I took a full jar away with us, and we came home with nothing.  Enough said.  I have a jar of their Citrus Mayonnaise that I’m now REALLY looking forward to trying, but don’t worry, this time I’ll photograph it first!


This has been a really fun month for me – especially eating my way around the west coast of Cornwall for the last week!  And although I haven’t written any other blog posts about the trip this time, we’re going back there in October, so I’ll definitely do some restaurant review type posts then. If there’s anywhere you’d recommend we try, do let me know!



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