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I used to subscribe to all the monthly beauty boxes: Glossybox, Birchbox, YOU Beauty box, but stopped when I realised that I probably had enough products to keep me going for YEARS, and well, I only have one face. How much stuff do you really need?

I figured someone must be making a food equivalent to all the monthly subscription beauty boxes out there and got googling. 

A few names popped up. Mostly in the U.S. But there were a few UK-based ones that stood out.

What I loved about the beauty boxes, and what I was hoping to get from a food box, was the chance to discover new brands and products that aren’t so well known.


Flavourly: perhaps a little pricey at £20 a box (although I used a code to get my first box for just £10), I’ve just had my third one delivered and I haven’t been disappointed yet. Full of artisan brands and full sized products, I feel like I’m getting my money’s worth. Also, when I priced the items individually in this month’s box, it would have cost at least £22.44 to buy them in the shops.


Any sort of booklet that comes with subscription boxes usually just go straight in the bin if I’m honest, but the flavourly one is actually really informative. Each page has a little bit of info about the producers, how/why they’ve created their product, how to use it and then all of their social media links.


I’ve had a look around online at other people’s reviews and it seems that there isn’t a ‘set’ box for each month. I don’t know how they work it, but for example, what I have received in my June box is exactly the same as what someone else got back in April. So although I can’t review ‘the June box’, I can review the individual products and the general service of flavourly. So here goes:

The Foraging Fox Beetroot Ketchup


I’d read some of the hype around this new product, and now I know why it’s getting so much media attention! It’s absolutely delicious! I presumed it would be tomato based with some beetroot, but no – no tomatoes here! It’s made simply from beetroot, apple, red grape vinegar, sugar, olive oil, sea salt and spices, and it is heavenly.  It’s got the perfect balance of sweetness to earthy beetroot, whilst still being savoury. Just like a ketchup I suppose! I used it here to make a Grilled Chicken with Goat’s Cheese Sandwich :  Flattened chicken breasts seasoned with salt, pepper and dried oregano, grilled on the BBQ and then topped with rounds of sliced goat’s cheese for it’s final few minutes of cooking time. Placed on a ciabatta roll and topped with Beetroot Ketchup and rocket tossed in olive oil and raspberry vinegar, you have your sandwich. You’re welcome.


Laura Santtini’s Bomba! XXX


Another paste from the Taste #5 Umami range, it’s described as ‘a natural, ready-to-eat tomato sauce that delivers slow food flavours fast!’ and you know what, that pretty much sums it up! Most definitely not your average tomato purée: this contains red wine, carrot, onion, celery, herbs and spices. I’ve used it stirred through pasta and as a pizza sauce so far, and loved it.


Angelic Gluten-Free Rosemary & Sea Salt Biscuits


I couldn’t tell that these were gluten free. Not that I ever eat something and be like ‘ooh, you can really taste the gluten!’. These were lovely. Although most were, unfortunately broken, which made pilling on my gorgonzola a little tricky #greedygirlproblems


Trotter’s Independent Hot Pepper Jelly


I spread this lovely, soft-set jelly on some chunks of bread with soft goat’s cheese, and wow.  This hot pepper jelly is damn good! I love fiercely hot chilli, which this is not. But I liked it because  although it was mellow, it was still packed full of the flavours of the peppers.  Try it.


Metcalfe’s Skinny Rosemary Corncakes


I don’t get excited by the likes of rice cakes or corn cakes.  I always think that having to eat polystyrene type foods just in a bid to lose weight is a pretty sad thing.  But do you know what, these were ok. They were just the right thickness to be crispy, and the rosemary flavour was authentic, not ‘soapy’ like it can be.


Drink Me Chai Latte


Love, love, LOVE!!!  This is a product that I have seen in shops before, and I am now kicking myself for not having tried it sooner! It smells and tastes like cinnamon doughnuts. What’s not to love?! It says you can make it with just water, or half and half with milk. I preferred the latter, but both methods were awesome. A recipe for Chai Latte Cake, written by Great British Bake Off contestant Chetna, was included in the flavourly box. I WILL be making that cake.


Doisy & Dam Maca, Vanilla & Cacao Nibs Chocolate


At first, the taste reminded me of cheap advent calendar chocolate, but then the deep, dark chocolately flavour hit me and it was beautiful. Not at all bitter, and I loved the random crunch from the cacao nibs.  I don’t know what other flavours these guys make, but I’m going to have to find out!


Wholeplus Lemon Pie Toppers


The label on the pot looks like it’s been printed from someone’s home computer, which I love: a sure sign that this must be a small, independent producer.  The pot contains chopped dates, coconut, buckwheat, maca powder and lemon extract.  It doesn’t look the most appetizing, but tasted great for breakfast! I sprinkled it over natural yoghurt, and a spoon of lemon curd. Yum. I’ll be buying more of these.


Landgarten Amarena Cherries in Dark Chocolate


AMAZING. I expected the cherries to be soft and chewy, but they were actually crunchy like they’d been freeze dried before being dipped in chocolate.  I don’t even normally LIKE cherries! Another product from this month’s box that I will be repurchasing.


Perry Court Farm Apple Crisps


When you eat these, you definitely feel as if you’re eating a sweetie snack rather than apple, they’re so sweet. They taste good. With a good crunch. But I just couldn’t get past the fact that they look like apple peelings stuck to the inside of the lid of my compost bin.


Flavourly Superfusions Berry Mix


I’ve had this in all three boxes, so it must be a regular feature. Flavourly include their own-brand little pot of dried cranberries infused with elderflower juice and sugar. They’re lovely and fragrant , and a nice little extra to snack on while you see what else you’ve got in the box.


A pretty successful box I must say.

If you fancy giving Flavourly a go, CLICK HERE to get £10 off your first box using my ‘buddycode’ LORNAGKK8

Disclaimer: I pay for these boxes myself, just as a normal customer. I’ve not been contacted by flavourly in any way. They were not aware that I would be writing this review. All opinions are, as always, my own.







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