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‘Quesadillas’ [kay-sa-dee-yas] is one of the few words I can remember from my Spanish lessons at school, along with ‘hamburguesa’, ‘jamón’ and ‘vivo en Birmingham’.

I’m on holiday at the moment. No, not in Spain, or Mexico for that matter, (restricted to only eating hamburgers and ham for the week), but in the beautiful coastal town of St Ives, Cornwall.

We always visit at least once a year. We’re head-over-heals in love with the place. It’s so calm and peaceful, and the views are out of this world.  Also, being from land-locked Birmingham, if there’ a sea view involved, we’re sold!


The caravan we’re staying in is a lovely, solid, wooden static chalet, perched on the sand dunes overlooking St Ives Bay and Godrevy Lighthouse in Hayle.


Last night was a gorgeous evening, so we decided to stay in and have our dinner on the decking, in the sunshine.

I’d had the ingredients for these Chorizo, Potato & Thyme Quesadillas delivered knowing that it would be week 4 of Book Club while we were away. My mom thinks it’s hilarious that I have Tesco deliver our groceries to the caravan, but I think it’s great! And why not?! Who wants to go supermarket shopping when they’re on holiday? Delis and Farm Shops, yes. But supermarkets? Most definitely not.


This recipe is simple enough. Although I did disagree with step one. Thomasina Miers says to cut the potatoes into large chunks and fry until tender before cutting them into 1cm cubes. I thought that would take forever! And it didn’t make sense. In the photos, the potatoes have soft edges, not crisp, fried ones. I boiled them.


Half an onion and a clove of garlic are fried until soft. The diced, cooked potato cubes and chopped chorizo are then added to the pan, and fried for a few minutes.

As the chorizo cooks and releases it’s oil,  the potatoes absorb all of the lovely flavours and take on a golden orange colour.


You then add chopped thyme, season and remove from the heat.

I preheated my griddle pan from home on the hob and constructed the quesadillas: cover one half of a corn tortilla with the filling, add a handful of grated mozzarella and mature cheddar and fold over to create a half moon.


When these are grilled, the cheese melts and becomes the ‘glue’ that holds all of the filling in place.

Just a tip: I tried to turn one of them before the cheese had properly melted and I nearly lost half of the filling to the pan! Leave them be.

The tortillas become lovely and crispy, and I thought that they looked especially good with the charred griddle lines.

I cut each half moon in half, and served.



I found that the quesadillas that I’d made first, and had been left to sit, were easier to eat: they were still hot, but the cheese had solidified enough to handle them without ending up with filling all over yourself.

I didn’t have any salsa, so I served them with fat slices of juicy tomato that I’d bought that day from Sennen Farmer’s Market.


I’m ashamed to say that we hoovered these up like we’d never seen food before! They were absolutely delicious.

The tortilla was crispy,the filling was soft and warm and the whole thing was oozing with chorizo goodness.


They were the perfect sunshine food to end the day, watching the sun lower over the horizon. And sat there, with a bottle of Cornish cider in hand, surrounded by my little family, I couldn’t have felt happier.

Next Week: The Wildcard

3 thoughts on “Chorizo, Potato & Thyme Quesadillas | Mexican Food Made Simple

  1. deborahcoates says:

    I’ve never liked chorizo here in Texas… But a week ago I was in the Dominican republic – and they cooked it for breakfast… And it looked a lot like your pictures here. I put it in my mouth before I realized it was chorizo – I would’ve been turned off by then name alone (because I would’ve thought about what TexMex-ans do with chorizo?) but OMG it was amazing… Your set up is beautiful and so far the two blogs I read our amazing – I agree with Matt you need to do this professionally!
    BTW: I love Julia & Julia!!!
    When Matt was talking about you this morning on his periscope – I immediately thought about this movie (which is my hubs and my fave)… I thought it was a brilliant idea and you are actually living it out!!!
    Keep going!

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