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So, it’s becoming a little tradition to start these Book Club posts announcing that I’ve never eaten one of the main ingredients from the recipe.  But this week, I already know I love all three, and I’ve chosen it for that very reason. Less experimentation, more comfort eating.


Not that the idea of chicken, tomatoes and tarragon was much comfort to my husband, who was severely hung-over, and not enjoying being dragged round Beckett’s Farm first thing on a Sunday morning.  Matt ended up sat on a bench outside feeling sorry for himself.  I on the other hand, left him there, and had a lovely time looking around and gathering all the bits and pieces that I would need that afternoon.


I left with a chicken, a large amount of jewel-like baby tomatoes, pate and a cupcake.  No, the paté wasn’t needed, but I couldn’t help myself, and Verity wasn’t leaving without the cake.


Once the chicken was jointed, I browned off the pieces until golden brown, in a pan with oil.  I dug out the largest roaster I had, and placed them in it in a single layer, before deglazing the pan with a glass of white wine. This rich sauce, along with lemon juice was added to the dish with the chicken.  Covered with foil, everything went into the oven for half an hour.



After this time, the tomatoes were added to the dish, and roasted with the chicken for a further 20 minutes.



A HUGE amount of chopped tarragon was stirred into the sauce to infuse for a few minutes, and then sprinkled with even more before serving.


It smelt great.  And there was a huge amount of sauce surrounding the chicken.  I served it alongside creamy mashed potato, and it was beautiful.  The chicken was moist, as you would expect, and the tomatoes had reduced to a lovely, intense sweetness.  I thought that the sheer amount of tarragon would overpower the dish, but it didn’t. It was light, summery and fragrant. Hugh, you did good.

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