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Now look at that for a nice, simple sounding meal.  Anyone who read my last Book Club post, when I made an absolutely, epic, week-long-to-make burger, will not be surprised that I’ve chosen something a little less complicated for this month’s book!


Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall’s Three Good Things has never sounded so appealing.  The concept is a genius one. Take three, good, tasty ingredients that work well together, and create a simple, but delicious meal.  Perfect.


I’ve chosen something completely out of my comfort zone for the first recipe this month.  Beetroot, Feta and Walnuts sounds lovely, but I’ve never eaten beetroot. Ever. (I know) Well, I’ve recently tried and LOVED The Foraging Fox Beetroot Ketchup, and to be honest, that’s what’s given me the confidence to give this a try.

You start by scrubbing the whole beetroot and putting them in a roasting dish with garlic, thyme and olive oil.  Now this was a laugh. Like I said, I’ve never eaten beetroot before, so I’d certainly never prepared it before.  I cut the leaves off, but I was left with little stumps. Was I meant to leave these on, or cut them off?! I stood at the sink for probably too long, debating what to do. I cut them off.


The beetroot took an hour in the oven to become soft and tender. Once cooled, I had to peel off the skin. Okay.  At first I used a peeler, but then found that the skin just rubbed off.  SUCH an amateur.  I then sliced it into chunks, and prepared the walnuts.



Toasted walnuts, garlic, salt, walnut oil, olive oil and the beetroot roasting dish juices were crushed, until combined, but still chunky.


The book has really clever  ‘plus one’ and ‘swaps’ suggestions at the bottom of each page, and for this recipe Hugh had suggested serving this dish with bread. I’d bought a sour dough loaf the day before, so I sliced this up, drizzled each slice with oil, and rubbed them with a garlic clove before toasting them on a hot griddle.


Each slice was topped generously with crumbled feta, beetroot and the walnut mixture. It looked stunning.



It tasted good, but now I know what they mean by ‘earthy’.  I liked the texture of the beetroot, and as a complete dish, it was beautiful, but I wasn’t completely convinced about the beetroot by itself.  The walnut mixture was lovely! It had a slight hum from the raw garlic, and gave a lovely crunch to the dish.  The salty feta worked really well with the earthy, slightly sweet beetroot.  The three ingredients worked as well together as Hugh had promised! And it was SO simple.

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