My Wholesome Pregnancy Diet | May 16 – Jan 17

Not being new to this pregnancy malarkey, I thought I had it all figured out. The old trap of eating for two? Wouldn’t be doing that. Sit and stuff cream cakes in my face every night? Not me. I’d be an image of health, only eating food in it’s raw, natural state whilst doing yoga, batting away calls from mum-to-be magazines begging me to be on the front cover.

What a load of crap. That doesn’t happen. Morning sickness is shit. You feel shit. Everything tastes like shit. Toothpaste tastes like soil. Seriously. Everything smells wrong, and the thought of any sort of vegetable getting even close to my digestive system was enough to make me want to  vomit.  On top of feeling more tired than is even humanly possible, standing up and preparing any sort of nutritious food for myself just didn’t happen.

I mainly ate carbs. And sugar.  Continue reading