Flavourly Box | Review

I used to subscribe to all the monthly beauty boxes: Glossybox, Birchbox, YOU Beauty box, but stopped when I realised that I probably had enough products to keep me going for YEARS, and well, I only have one face. How much stuff do you really need?

I figured someone must be making a food equivalent to all the monthly subscription beauty boxes out there and got googling.  Continue reading

WILDCARD | Pitt Cue Co Cookbook

So it’s only week two, and I’m already posting the WILDCARD.

  1. There are two reasons for this:  we were throwing a BBQ, and Matt’s choice of ‘The Big ODE’ as the WILDCARD was the perfect recipe for the occasion. So I made it earlier (although I was planning on posting it later) and
  2. well, I’ll explain all at the end of this post. Although I think it will become pretty obvious as we go on…

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Smoked Peaches & Pimm’s Sorbet | Pitt Cue Co Cookbook

I was like a magpie in the book shop: hypnotised by it’s florescent orange cover.  The Pitt Cue Co Cookbook isn’t shy with it’s appearance or it’s recipes.  This isn’t a book of little delicate recipes, or plates dressed with jus and tiny wild flowers, this is a book about MEAT. Big hunks of barbecued meat, smoked pulled pork shoulders and instructions on how to build epic skyscraper burgers. Continue reading