WILDCARD | Far Eastern Odyssey

The WILDCARD: a recipe chosen each month by my husband Matt. And boy has he done well this month!

Matt chose Spicy Beef and Vegetable-Stuffed Gothamba Rotis : a classic street food dish from Sri Lanka.  Rick Stein describes them as ‘a sort of Sri Lankan meat-and-veg pie’ that should be eaten ‘hot from the pan, squirted with chilli sauce’. Oh yes. Continue reading

May Favourites | 2015

I love discovering new foods. Almost as much as I enjoy this crazy British spring weather! The sun had better get a move on soon:  this pale, pasty skin of mine needs a good head start if a tan is ever going to happen this year.

So what have I been eating this month? LOADS. But here’s a list of my favourites: Continue reading

Stir Fried Beef with Lemongrass, Chilli & Roasted Rice Rolled in Lettuce Leaves | Far Eastern Odyssey

Quite possibly the longest title for a dish. In Thai, it’s simply ‘Laab neua’.

Talking of simple, this dish was an absolute doddle to make.  Compared to some of the more, shall we say, ‘involved’ meals I’ve been making this month, this was pretty straight forward. Which was good news, because my sister Alex was over, and she was demanding to be fed.  And she’s not exactly the patient type! Continue reading